Přednáška: A Linguistic Quantum Leap: LLMs in Localization and Translation

  • 8. prosince 2023
  • Učebna B2.42

Anotace: This talk explores the transformative impact of Large Language Models (LLMs) on the field of localization and translation. It showcases real-life examples of effective LLM implementation and demonstrates how LLMs are reshaping the landscape of global communication. The discussion addresses both successes and challenges, concluding with a look into the future of LLMs in the language industry.
To inspire the next generation of language professionals, the talk concludes with insights into what professional skills will be crucial in a world where human linguistic expertise and artificial intelligence intersect.

Marina Pantcheva, PhD in theoretical linguistics, heads the Linguistic AI Services at RWS – a leading global company for technology-driven language, content management, and intellectual property services.

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